HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Day 3 and 4-VSIP,Vinamilk,Ben Thanh,Water Puppet Show and LSTS (Jonas and YenZhe)

Jonas’ reflection on LSTS

What did I find most interesting or challenging?
I think stopping myself from feeling nervous was very challenging when we went on the stage to do the dance performance. I think I could have decreased the amount of nervous I had if I had practised harder for the dance performance. I think that the most interesting item was the capture the flag.I had a lot of fun.
What have I learnt from this visit?
I think that I have learnt how to engage with other people in a conversation and decrease the awkward when i am talking to other strangers I have not met before. I think that I also learnt about the vietnamese war and about the 4 presidents the school had. I think I also learnt a lot from the tour guide, such as the garden as the feng shui and the king sitting on the chair with the dragon head.
What surprised me, why?
I think the way the students go through their lessons really surprised me. I expected the school to be like all serious, learning and not playing, but my student guide, Tom, told me that I was actually wrong and that they actually balanced learning and playing, eg. playing and forgetting about learning and learning and forgetting about playing.
What am I still confused about?
I think that I am most confused about the sides during the war. I still do not understand what the viatcom and the south vietnams did.
Yenzhe’s reflection on LSTS

1.What did I find most interesting or challenging?
I found that the way that the students at LSTS studies is quite interesting.For example,they have 2 15 minutes breaks instead of 1 30 minutes break and this could mean that they will get to be fuller during lessons.I also found that the fact that the teachers have warm-up activities to get the students interested is interesting,as this is normally not practiced in SST.I found that the dance item quite challenging as I am not completely familiar with the dance item,thus causing me to look to check whether I am doing it correctly,This could have been prevented if I had tried adapting and practised more.
2.What have I learnt from this visit?
Adapting to changes and practising more in anything I do.I also learnt more about the Independent Palace and more about the Vietnam War.For example,I learnt about the different tanks and fighter pilots used in the War.I also learn what led to the North Vietnam winning in the Vietnam War.
3.What surprised me? Why?
The fact that they can build the Independent Palace and protect important personnel during the Vietnam War.For example,they built protective structures for the President for him to do important decisions such as surrendering.Also,the fact that although Ho Chi Minh/Saigon was very big with many districts,yet I can still travel from one district to the other in a short amount of time surprised me.
4.What am I still confused about?
I am still confused about the details of Vietnamese culture and also about the school.For example, I am interested to know how different subjects in LSTS teach and how students at that school learn.I am also confused about how they use the facilities in LSTS and whether the facilities are incorporated into their curriculum and whether they get to use them during break times/after school.

Jonas’s reflection on Vinamilk and City Tour
What did I find most interesting or challenging?
I think the most interesting thing was the war crime museum as the weapons really interest me. I think that looking at the photos and reading the history of the war was also very interesting. I think the most challenging was to walk through the market without getting touched

What have I learnt from this trip?
I have learnt more about the American and the Vietnamese war and the weapons used. I also learnt more about the agent orange and the after-effects on the humans after being contaminated from it. (eg. offspring become deformed) and I also learnt that people can still live on happily although after being affected by Agent Orange after seeing the photos on the first floor.

What surprised me?Why?
How the people in the market behaved was very surprising to me. I thought that a famous market would have stall owners who were respectful and helpful. Instead, I was wrong. They tried to force some of us to buy their shirts and fans by cornering us and lowering the prices although we constantly told them that we were only looking around.

What am I still confused about?
I am still confused about the cause of the American and Vietnamese war.
What have I learn about myself/people/conflict/good governance/culture etc
I have learnt about people. I don’t think I will trust people that easily after what happened at the market. I think that after I went into the market I got scammed quite a few times. There was a stall selling chips at 35.000 dongs and we found another store not too long after selling them at 31,000 dongs. `

Yenzhe’s reflection on Vinamilk and City Tour

1.What did I find most interesting or challenging?

I think the most interesting thing was the Vinamilk.It was interesting that they fully automated the process of making good quality milk and by doing this,they get to reduce the number of workers required for each product made.It was also interesting to see how the Vietnam War happened and how the US used the agent orange in the war.I think the most challenging thing was the Ben Thanh Market as the stallholders tried to force us to buy their products,even when we tried to refuse.
2.What have I learnt from this trip?
I learnt that I should think carefully before buying anything as we have to consider whether we really need the product,I also learnt that we should bargain carefully if we want to reduce the money we should do it carefully as some of the stallholders would not want to reduce the price too much.I have also learnt that automating processes may be more cost-effective than hiring workers to make products.
3.What surprised me?Why?
The fact that the Ben Thanh Market stallholders will tout surprised me as I thought they will be more concerned about the welfare of the customers than what they earn but when I went there,they were actually more concerned about selling products and earning money than to respect the customer’s decision to not buy their products.
4.What am I still confused about?
I am Still confused about the Water Puppet show as the show was in Vietnamese and i did not really understand the show.The narration was also in Vietnamese,thus causing me to be confused about the story and the roles of the characters themselves.
5.What have I learn about myself/people/conflict/good governance/culture etc
I learnt that good governance is one that is fair and treats its people well to its people,democratic in its processes,will not use chemical warfare,will try to abstain from warfare from other countries and maintain good diplomatic relations with other countries.

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