HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Day 3 - Reflection (Keene)

I found that the activities that the school had let us do were the most interesting, for example, the lesson we had involved textbooks which I did not expect from LSTS, as I thought it would also be like our school and more technology-focused.
I learnt that while LSTS has less  learning facilities than us, they can still manage to learn as well as us only using textbooks, unlike us where we use MacBooks.
Honestly, what had surprised me was that they had celebrated Halloween, unlike us, but besides that, I was surprised that they had less technology-based facilities unlike our school which I had expected at LSTS.
The only thing I am still confused by is the layout of the school and the student’s timetable, but other than that, there is nothing that confuses me.

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