HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Day 4 Reflection (Arvin)

1. What did I find most interesting or challenging?

It was interesting to interview the Production Manager as we were learned about their manufacturing and their dairy business. We all were very excited to ask the questions and it was a true privilege. It was challenging to get away from the shop ownners at the Ben Thanh Market. They were pestering us to buy their products and when we wanted to talk about the price, they were very stubborn and tried not to sell the product at the asked rate. The water puppet show was very interesting to watch. Even though we could not understand what they were saying, it was very interesting to watch. It was also a privilege to see Vietnam's signature sight. It was very unique compared to Singapore's as it is fun, vibrant and .

2. What have I learned during this visit?

I have learned more about Agent Orange and how it affected the victims. It was very painful to look at the pictures of the victims. I could feel the pain the people were going through. Agent Orange had affected their life but the resilence was not lost. They still lived life to the fullest even if they only had a few days to live.

3. What surprised me? Why?    
I was surprised due to the fact that the shop owners actually pulled us into the shops with force. I almost had hit them with my umbrella as they were were pulling me when I did not want to buy anything. When I bargained for a smaller price, they refused. It was also surprising to know that the victims of Agent Orange had not been sad at all but rather, stood their ground and live life to the fullest and as the happiest people in the world.

4. What am I still confused about?
I was confused as to what the water puppets were saying as I could not understand Vietnamese\ and in the middle of the show, they were were shouting and that was creepy.

5. What have I learnt about myself/people/conflict/good governance/culture,etc?

Even though it was very rude, the shop owners were pestering me. It was irritating and it turned out that I was not the only victim. People were also dragged into the shops because the shop owners thought that, us children, would buy whatever they showed us. Despite that, I learnt to be bold and just walk away.

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