HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Day 4 - Reflection (Chong Wei)

What did I find interesting or challenging?
I found that how almost an entire factory being controlled by artificial intelligence interesting as I thought that artificial intelligence, being rather new, most people would not want to rely on it, especially when a malfunction would cause a major hiccup.

What have I learnt during this visit?
I have learnt the lethal, grotesque effects of Agent Orange, I also learnt about the vast array of weapons used by the U.S and the Vietnamese. The Vietnamese at the Thanh Market are also quite rough with their customers, even trying to force people in, I think it is rather pesky at times when that happens.

What surprised me? Why?
What surprised me is the lengths the U.S would go to conquer Vietnam, using cruel, malicious bombs, like Napalm Bombs. Chemical weapons such as Agent Orange and Phosphorus that can badly disfigure and mentally scarring soldiers.

What have I learnt about conflict?
I learnt that conflict can lead to wars and both sides can be forced into making conscienceless decisions. I think that empathy plays a huge role in war, as before using such gruesome, terrifying weapons, they should consider its effects. Although being empathetic for the opposing side would not even start a war, while it is a factor when a war is happening, they can really see the dark side of wars and what their actually doing. As the government, they should uphold the morals they want to instil in us, but if they themselves do not uphold what they preach, what do civilians learn from role models?

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