HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Day 4 Reflection

  1. What did I find most interesting or challenging? 
  2. Ans: What I found most interesting was the Vinamilk factory.It was interesting to see how Vinamilk grew from a small company into Vietnam’s largest diary exporter, at the same time owning the world’s most advanced technology for processing milk.
  3. What have I learned from this visit?  
  4. Ans: I have learnt that the Vietnamese have a much more different way of earning a living, as well as a different type of culture.
  1. What surprised me? Why?
  2. Ans: What surprised me was that although Vietnam is still a country in development, it has many impressive feats such as Vinamilk. 
  3. What have I learnt about myself?
  4. Ans: I found that I really enjoyed the difference in Vietnamese and Singaporean culture, not only in what they do and their methods, but also in the uniqueness and their devotion to it.


Vinamilk started through a collaboration between Vietnam and Singapore, when the Vietnamese prime minister proposed it to the Singapore President on 14 May 1996. During the Vinamilk tour, we noticed that the factory makes use of a lot of advanced technology, boasting the latest and best machinery in the world today. Through advanced and efficient machinery, Vinamilk is able to reach out to audiences of all ages through a diversity of products not only in Vietnam, but across 30 or more countries.They are able to   achieve this through the high quality checks of the product. This enabled Vinamilk consumers to be able to trust Vinamilk in their products, thus increasing Vinamilk’s reputation over the past few years after it started. 

War Crime Museum 

Through the museum, I was able to learn more about Agent Orange, a chemical which creates deforms, as well as cancers in citizens and their offspring,who inhale it. This was considered and looked down upon through out the world, especially at the USA, who was the country who unleashed it. Thus, this was considered a war crime, as well as the many land mines that the USA left behind after the Vietnam wars, which still killed many Vietnamese people who stepped on it.

When I first entered the Market, I thought that it would be a place of “Lower standards of any kind” but upon spending a few minutes in the Market, learnt that the reasons for the lower amount of hygiene were because the Vietnamese people need to earn a living. That they would do anything to earn a bit of profit for their families.This showed how much they cared about their family.

Water Puppet

The water puppet was a very coordinated performance. Through it, it showed that Vietnamese people are very devoted to their cultures and from the perspective of the audience, it is a well coordinated and well practiced performance that showed the devotion to practice of the performance and coordination of the music and puppeteers. 

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