HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Day 4 - Vietnam milk factory, War museum, Market and Water puppet performance ( Justin Goh)

What interest me the most was about the information (e.g Agent orange and the weapons) and facts that I have learnt about the Vietnam war and the agent orange with inflicted devastating damage (e.g Children deformed) to Vietnam from the War museum. 
What really surprised me was the after the agent orange situation, though the soldier were effected by the dangerous chemical, they still did not give up and show their unbreakable resilience. If i were them, i would have given up.

From the milk factory, what interest me the most the technology the the milk factory used and how are they so efficiency in their work. I have learnt the different skill to improve our business in the future (e.g. Quality, advertisement to promote their product and ensuring the customers that their products are hygiene and of a certain level of expectation). What surprised me was that the technology of the milk factory was so high that it did not need workers for package their product (It was not very common in the factories).

What interest me in the market was the all the all seller were very active in doing selling their products. However, I believe that some were over actively doing their work (making me feel a little uncomfortable as they were constantly asking for us to buy their products). After seeing even after the shopkeepers were constantly promoting their products, they still could not sell their product. From this experience, I have learnt that business is not really and easy job to be done. I was surprise that some of the sellers were going over the limits by snatching or forcing my school mate to buy their product. 

I find that the performance given by the people were very interesting in terms of the culture shown in the performance and the skill put to control the puppet. What I learnt was that the Vietnam had been doing this water puppet culture since 1000 years ago and hence, they must have really loved it. What surprised me was that the puppeteers were able to control the puppets despite not being able to see the puppets clearly and they were still able to the job well. I am still confused about how puppeteers were able to control the puppets. 

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