HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Day 4 - VinaMilk,War Crime,Ben Thanh,Water Puppets (Ryan Cheong)

1.What did I find interesting or challenging?
I thought that the tour of the VinaMilk factory was very interesting,as I have not seen such a high-tech factory before,let alone a milk factory.There were Laser Guided Vehicles to bring the milk around to the trucks and everything was almost automatic.Its almost hands - free for everyone working there! They just have to supervise.

2.What have you learnt?
I learnt about what happened during the Vietnam war,the guns and mortars that were used and the effects of Agent Orange (ewwww)

3.What surprised me?
I was surprised that there were so many people in Ben Thanh market that were so desperate for money.They kept pulling me into the stalls and 'bribing me' with their items.One of my friends even pulled out a 100k dong bill and the woman just pulled it out of his hands and gave him a fan!

4.What am I still confused about?
I do not know how the puppets in the show moved.Do the puppeteers have some sort of special equipment? I also still do not understand the stories about the puppets.

5.What have I learnt about myself / people / conflict / good governance / culture?
I thought that some people in the market are very poor,but they it does not count as scam as they still give you the items that they sell.

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