HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Day 4-VinaMilk,War Crime,Ben Thanh,Water Puppets refection by Lim Yi

1. What did I find most interesting or challenging?

I thought that the tour of the VinaMilk factory was very interesting,as Vietnam is a country isn't a advance country,but the factory is very advance as they have LGV.

2. What have I learnt from this visit?

I have learnt from my trip to BEN THANH market that do not trust the shop keeper.

3. What surprised me? Why?

The way the puppeteer controls the puppet which they can't see puppet movement,that they can perform so well

4. What am I still confused by?

I am not confused.

5) What have i learnt about people?
The people try to enjoy their life,did not give up on life and worker to survive despite their disability to move or see.

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