HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Day 4 (Zhu Zhan Yan)

Today was a wonderful day where we went to VinaMilk where we leant a lot about making  a company something great.They start form nothing and become something that attracts recognised investors.They were very smart to start to start to invest the IN the milk sector something that is much more developed now.They were also smart to value the milk sector which were some of the reasons the are the industry leader in the the Vietnam milk industry.

We also visited the market which was a very crowded place where they sold things.There was a A OUTER RING OF GOVERNMENT OWNED SHOPS WHERE THE GOVERNMENT SET THE PRICE AND they sell hem without change of price. Further in you have the private shops where the price may vary and you had to be careful not to be cheated the shop owners try there level best to attract us to their store.

Next we visited the the war remnants museum where we were showed the vietnamese side of the war.The vietnamese were very angry over the fact that US released agent orange and kill their trees and deformed and mutated some of the people.The US was depicted and the “bad guys” and  have a merciless attitude towards the citizens and was heavily criticised for the war.

Next we had the puppet show where we had watched a water puppet show that so looked perfect that i thought the were acted by robots int the end the puppeteers showed themselves.I was shocked when i saw them and i was shocked of their skill in pupating.

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