HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Friday, 31 October 2014

Day 5 Cu Chi Tunnel and Cu Chi Animal reserve- Samson Loy

Cu Chi Tunnel and Cu Chi Animal Reserve

Cu Chi Tunnel

The Cu chi tunnels were used as hiding spots to evade American troops and has many routes for supply transportation, as well as communicative reasons. In these tunnels, some routes are fitted with booby traps to disorganise or kill off American soldiers who were able to enter the tunnels. However, the tunnels were small and difficult to move through despite being expanded recently. This shows that the Vietnamese soldiers had a difficult time to navigate the tunnels, but for the sake of survival, they did. This also shows how much the Vietnamese soldiers valued their lives during the war.

-Cu Chi Animal Reserve

Through the short tour, I was able to learn that the whole zoo like area was an animal reserve and an area for animals that were rescued from illegal deals and trafficking. This shows that the Vietnamese government are concerned for animal rights, which is important for animal survival in Vietnam.

  1. What did I find most interesting or challenging? 
What I found most interesting was that the Vietnamese were intelligent against the American forces. The Vietnamese soldiers were able to construct many traps using scrap metal retrieved from bomb shells and utilise environmental changes, such as a crater in the ground created by a B-52 Bomber, which was used to collect water. 

2.What have I learned from this visit?
I have learned from this visit to the Cu Chi tunnels that the Vietnamese soldiers, during the Vietnam war, had a difficult time surviving, but were able to utilise and adapt to changes in their surrounding environment.

3.What surprised me? Why?   
What surprised me was how the Vietnamese were so easy and able to adapt to the changes in their surroundings, as if I was in their shoes, I would probably not be able to.

4.What am I still confused about?
What I am still confused about was why the Vietnamese were controlled by communists instead of Government.

5.What did I learn about wildlife?
I learnt that everyday animals are being trafficked throughout the world illegally and organisations like W.A.R are helping the animals and prevent them from being trafficked or involved in any illegal act.

Change of first impressions of Ho Chin Minh:
(From First impressions)

At first, I thought Ho Chin Minh city as a poor city. It was undeveloped and criminals ran freely. However, upon spending 5 days in Ho Chin Minh, I learned not to judge a book by its cover. Vietnam is quite a peaceful place, with beautiful scenery all around and most especially, it was not a undeveloped country. It was simply a country still in development and the Government is trying its best to handle the slow growing city. If you ask me, Vietnam would probably be a better city in a few years and would be filled with tourists and local residents alike.

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