HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Friday, 31 October 2014

Day 5 - Cu Chi tunnel and Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Centre (Justin Goh)

At the Cu Chi tunnel, What interests me the most was about the Vietnamese used the tunnels to their advantage by traveling throughout the tunnels connected together. I learned that the tunnels played and extremely crucial role during the Vietnams War by allowing the Vietnams to travel throughout a certain area without getting injured or attacked by the america solders and they were able to escaped an attack by avoiding it in the tunnels. What really surprised me was that the Vietnamese were able to recycle many of the material dropped by the America solders to their advantage (e.g. Converting tank’s rubber tyres into slippers and Converting the bomb metal into Spears or guns). What was confusing to me was that I don’t get how are the people are able to lived in the dirt and dark tunnels for a long period of time.

After seeing Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Centre, What interests me the most interest me was that why were there animals so many animal kept in the centre. It show me that their were many animals in danger due to human action. I learned that many animals at the centre we human should be more considerate and more responsible of our actions as many animals were suffering due to our own selfish reasons (e.g, the bear were killed for there bile just only because that their bile has medial properties). What surprised me was that there were so many animals suffering and out there in the wild, there were many other animals, more than what we have just seen being killed by our cruel action. What confuses me was that how is the species going to survived if they were also being killed.

I have learned that I should be more responsible of myself and my actions, not to be so overconfidence, have more patience, attentiveness, creative thinking too. Thinking before you do something has also been reenforced in me after the trip to the different places. I realised that I was also very fortunate be able to enjoy many privilege.

After visiting Vietnam, I realised that Vietnam has much more compilations than when I first reached Vietnam (e.g. the Vietnam War) and Vietnam is a has also has a high level of technology.

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