HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Friday, 31 October 2014

Day 5# CU chi tunnel and wildlife conservation(sasank)

1)  What did I find most interesting or challenging? 
I found that that the Vietnamese smartness of building “rooms” for purposes such s hospitalisation,communication etc during an invasion by the Americans.
2) What have you learnt?
I have learnt about animals which are being attacked by hunters etc illegally for their skin and meat etc.I also learnt that we should protect animals in a way possible.I also learnt that over 50 species of animals are endangered by illegal hunting.
3) What surprised me?
I was surprised by the way the Vietnamese used the Americans ammo,bombs and guns to use for their purposes by uses them against the Americans by modifying the ammo.
4)What confused me?
5)What have I learnt about Vietnam War?
I learnt that the Vietnamese suffered a lot during the war against America and a lot of lives were lost.A lot of families had their family members lost.This caused a great massacre in the Cu Chi district.
6)How has your first impression of HCMC changed?

HCMC  has a great number of tourist attractions such as Ben Thanh Market etc.It also has a wide array of delicious food in the city.The ferry ride to Monkey island made the trip more interesting and enjoyable.

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