HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Friday, 31 October 2014

Day 5 Reflection (Arvin)

.Arvin Kumar

1. What did I find most interesting and challenging?

Visiting the wildlife reserve was very interesting as I could see the different types of animals! As an animal lover, it was amazing to see those animals. I loved the bears and the monkeys. There was nothing challenging today although people said that the Cu Chi Tunnels was dark, damp, stuffy, warm and it was challenging to move.

2. What have I learned from this visit?

I have learned more about the wildlife and Cu Chi Tunnels as I learned more about living in the tunnels, how they defended themselves and how the animals in the wildlife reserve came there. This was my favourite visit as I learned a lot about them. My knowledge of the places have definitely expanded. I have also learned to look at both sides of the situation such as looking at the Vietnamese's point of view and the Americans to evaluate who has a more credible story.

3. What surprised me? Why?

I was surprised to know that the Cu Chi tunnels had a different types of booby traps as I only thought there was one kind. Some of them really haunted me like the door spikes and ther armpit trap. I could not imagine the pain. I do not want to be in that situation.

4. What am I still confused about?

I was confused as to why I did not see more animals as the guide has said that there were 50 species and I only saw less than 20 species. I wanted to see more as I was very excited.

5. What have I learned about myself/wildlife conservation/Vietnam war?

I have learned how the Viet Cong Soldiers lived in the tunnels and how did they defend themselves against the enemy and I have also learned as to how the animals got there and what kind of an environment they were living in.

6. How has your first impression of Ho Chi Minh city changed?

Initially, I had thought that Vietnam was a disorderly and dirty country. But now, after I have seen all the sights, I fell that this is a beatiful country. Sights like the Cu Chi Tunnels and Can Gio were absolutely interesting and fun to go to! I would love to come here again if I had the chance but this time, I will but this time, I will hold on tight to my glasses.

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