HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Friday, 31 October 2014

Day 5 - reflection(Sid)

                    Today was a very interesting,tiring but fun day for me.We went to the tunnels and the animal reserve.The tunnels were situated in a jungle which seemed very dense during war time.There were caves,holes,tunnels  and traps set by the army.The caves,holes and tunnels were made by the army to let them hide in that for cover during crossfire or bombing.The tunnels led to a different place that they can find resources and escape if injured.The most interesting thing that I found were the tunnels as they were build so smartly in such a difficult time.There were traps set by enemies like the window trap etc to kill the enemies.The war caused massive destruction and left heavy scars on the places and the people.I learnt what people eat during war as there is a scarcity  of food,how the tunnels were built only for the Vietnamese army so that only they can enter and the American army can't.I learnt that despite the war,the people never gave up and stay united throughout even though their loved ones died.
                    This teaches me to stay strong,determined and resilient in any situation.
                    Then we had a good lunch and then headed to the animal reserve.Since young,I was interested in saving animals as I was an animal lover myself but I never knew what actually happened to the animals.The bear's limbs were cut off and many other animals had suffered.I learnt that humans are not the only ones who have feelings even animals do.We should respect all living things regardless if they are animals or humans.I learnt one very valuable lesson from them.
                     It requires a lot of courage to help the animals.If not for them the criminals would have been running out without getting caught.
                     Overall in the day I learnt that resilience,courage and determination can get us pass almost most of the hurdles of life.

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