HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Day 5-Vinamalik,war crime museum and puppet show(Sid)

                 Today we went to war crime museum,puppet show and Vinamilk. For me the most interesting place was the war crime museum as I learnt a lot of stuff that I wanted to know like how agent orange works,the types of guns,cause of war,destruction and devastation caused. The after-math of chemical weapons is very bad.People lost their limbs but still they were making the best of the worst.They remained happy and they were even playing according to one of the photos.Some photos spoke a lot like one of them had a girl holding her father’s hand and one of them had a photo of a soldier holding up a torn body of its own civilian.I learnt that war is not about who wins but who lives.
                    The puppet show was engaging.Though I didn’t understand what they spoke,the actions like the fox story told the story itself.They were very skilled in their profession.I hope to see more of it.The puppet show had a lot of interesting stories.In total we watched only 17 out of the 245 stories they had.They had shown a lot of their culture like the dragon and the lion dance.They had expanded their business from Hanoi to Ho Chi Min and even went overseas to France for the performance.It required a lot of practice to pull off such a pleasant show.
                    For me I found the making of Vinamilk very interesting.They were very smart.The quality of the milk left me asking for more.One thing that I found interesting was the way they made the milk and the high quality of the milk.The way they spread their business was also very interesting.I have learnt that I have to muster up courage when I am in a situation no matter how bad it is as the people who got hurt in the war were smiling and having fun showing their courage and resilience.I learnt a lot of valuable lessons.

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