HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Day #5 Vinamilk, War Crime Museum and Puppet Show (Irfan)

The tour of the Vinamilk factory and the experience in the market interesting. The factory was a new experience as it was more high-tech than anything that I had ever seen and it intrigued me how they used a automated system. The market was new for me as the markets in Singapore was nothing like this market that we went to with the government manned ,fixed price, stalls and the freelance shops where we could bargain. 

The courage shown by those affected by Agent Orange has taught me to be resilient as if they could live such great lives so can we, and the skill of the puppeteers inspired me.

The damage done by Agent orange and the way that the puppeteers could control the puppets so well surprised and inspired me as well as the resilience of the market stall owner also surprised me.
So far there is nothing that I am confused by for today.

The people surviving through and thriving Agent Orange inspired me and taught me that with confidence, resilience and with people around you who care you can accomplish the impossible.

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