HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Friday, 31 October 2014

Day 5 (Zhu Zhan Yan)

Cu Chi Tunnels and Rescue center

Today we went to the Cu Chi tunnel a complex set of Tunnels where the Viet Cong reside. Isaac many Innovation and critical thinking in the design of the tunnels.First the feature unique entrances where you could never know where were the entrances to tunnels.When they were covered with leaves they showed no signs of existence.Stop the Us form trying to find and enter the entrances they put land minds in the entrances.They also thought deeply on how to ventilate the tunnels without having to US detecting them with a German Shepards and came up with covering the air holes with used US solder clothes so they where undetectable.They set up traps to disrupt US solders moral.The tunnels themselves classified in three levels.Level 1 was tunnels form 3m- 5-m deep.Level 2 tunnels are form 6-8m deep and level 3are tunnels form 8m-10m meter deep and has a exit at the Saigon river. When we had a chance to crawl in the tunnels the tunnels where the were small and low and pitch dark.We had to lean forward just to make forward and sometimes scratched ourselves against the roof of the  building.The tunnel had places to live cook eat and receive medical help and smoke form the cooking is directed to ventilate hundreds of meters away.I felt that the tunnel designers thought though all the possible situation and what i think is the best designed tunnels of all time.

Then we went to the wildlife rescue centre where they rescue hurt or abused sources.First we saw two moon bears with each a missing limbs.They were over use form the bile which is claimed to have health benefits.Next we visited some baboons which were swing around the place and we saw more animals such as sun bear, monkeys and otters.We were amazed by the biodiversity of Vietnam and the many pieces of Vietnam. We also sad for the animals the were torture against their wishes.

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