HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Day 2# Can Gio biosphere(Sasank)

1)What did I find most interesting or challenging?
First we went to Can Gio Biosphere,where we went on a boat ride to the place.The boat ride was exciting and unforgettable.Next we got on a speedboat ride at Monkey island.The monkeys kept coming to us as I think we were new and also we when we fed they kept following us.:)
2) What have u learnt?
I learnt about the monkeys in Can Gio and this gave me an insight of their lives.This has taught me a lot on the monkeys.
3) What surprised me?
One of the monkeys had grabbed one guys spectacles and the guy fortunately found it at last.
4) What confused you?

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