HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Reflection for day 4 (Bo Si)

Vinamilk was a very sophisticated company.
Their factory is very complex and has a many highly intelligent robots.
Vinamilk focusses on quality.
Agent orange is a deadly chemical that deforms people.
At the Ben Thanh Market, the store owners were very rough.
They grabbed our arms, and pull us into the shops.
Some were forced to buy the items, some were scammed of their money.
Lucky for me, I managed to brush off those that grabbed me.
The water puppet show was interesting, the people controlling the puppets can nearly see what was outside, but they can still do it very accurately.
There were lots of practice put into it.
I learnt that the Vietnamese have a very rich background.
They have many different traditional games and shows, some of which people still play today.
They also have the Vietnam war, and it shows that the Vietnamese were very resilient.
I should learn from them and be resilient with my studies, and persevere even when my results are not up to standard.

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