HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Monday, 27 October 2014

First Impression(VSIP and VINAMILK by Sasank,Yugan,Sid,Gabriel)

Final Report(VSIP):
              VSIP was established in 31 January 1996 with the cooperation of the Singapore and Vietnam Government.This project was proposed by the Vietnamese Prime Minister,Vo Van Kiet to the Singaporean Prime Minister,Goh Chok Tong in 1994.The project inaugurated on 14 May 1996 by the Prime Ministers of both countries at the site in Vietnam.From then on VSIP has expanded to 4 more parks which include in provinces such as the 2,045-hectare 2nd project,700-hectare Binh Duong Province(2005),Bac Ninh Province(2007),Hai Phong City(2010) and Quang Ngai Province(2013).It has also transformed from a traditional industrial park to an integrated township and industrial park.It has also brought solutions such as intenational masterplanning,sustainable infastructure and attracted foreing investors with higher value-added manufacturing.It has attracted tenants from over 23 countries.VSIP has many job opportunities such as Marketing officer, customer service executive and mechanical technician.In our opinion it is a good healthy way to establish a relatinship with Vietnam by making a industrial park signalling its purpose in a nice way.

Essential Questions:
                   1.Why did they come out with industrial park,not something else?
                   2.How does this show the collaboration between Vietnam and Singapore?
                   3.By whom are workers interviewed and selected Vietnam or Singapore?
                   4.How has VSIP had an impact in business in Vietnam and Singapore?
                   5.How has globalisation impacted the economic developement of VINAMILK?
                   6.How was VSIP able to expand into 5 parks in a short span of time?
                   7.How did Singapore contribute to VSIP?
                   8.How was VSIP be able to grow steadily through this short span of time?
                   9.Is this the root of more prjects to strengthen Singapore’s relationship with Vietnam?        
                 10.How was VSIP able to stay strong despite competitors?

Final Report(VINAMILK):
                          VINAMILK is the biggest dairy farm in Vietnam.It was founded in 1976 as the state-owned Southern Coffee-Dairy Comapany to take over the operations of privately owned,Thống Nhất (belonging to a Chinese company), Trường Thọ (formerly owned by Friesland Foods, best known for its production of condensed milk that was widely distributed across the South), and Dielac (Nestle). It was then renamed to United Enterprises of Milk Coffee Cookies and Candies I in 1978 and finally Vietnam Dairy Company was formally established in 1993.In 2003,it was further renamed to VINAMILK.It serves Vietnam,Middle East,Cambodia,Australia and The Philippines.Vinamilk products such as powdered milk and condensed milk are also exported to the Middle East, Cambodia, the Philippines and Australia. Exports accounted for $180m in 2012.VINAMILK 's main competitors are Dutch Lady Vietnam, a division of Friesland Foods , Nestle Vietnam, Abbott and Nutifood etc.VINAMILK has 9 factories in Vietnam currently.

Essential Questions:
                1.How is VINAMILK able to stay strong despite competitors like Dutch Lady Vietnam    
                2.How is VINAMILK able to attract many clients?
                3.Is VINAMILK privately-funded,government-funded or milk-suppliers are partners?
                4.How is VINAMILK able to grow steadily through these years?
                5.Has VINAMILK become a trusted brand between customers for their good                             qua           quality products?     
                6.How has globalisation impacted the economic developement of VINAMILK?
                7.What do they want people to recognise VINAMILK for?
                8.Who are VINAMILK ’s suppliers or partners.
                9.How are VINAMILK ‘s product different from others?
              10.Does VINAMILK wish to embark on branches worldwide?
11.How was VINAMILK named VINAMILK.

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