HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Day 5- Cu Chi Tunnels(Thuta Soe)

Whats interesting about today?
I found it interesting that the Viet Congs are actually very smart, when their information cannot go out but they are keeping track of the Americans.They were also able to use simple weapons to attack the Americans yet stay well hidden.Its also interesting how they dig all the tunnels with just humans that occupy space larger than Singapore.
What I learnt today?
I learnt that although some of the organisation might be small, but they can play a important role in the country. For example, the Wildlife Animal Rescue Centre doesn’t seems to play a important role, but it is saving many animals from the cruel animal trade, which includes these animals being chopped up and added into wine.
What surprised me?Why?
It was surprising that the Viet Congs are very hardworking and able to dig a tunnel that is 250km long, which ensures the survival of the Viet Congs.
What am i confused about?
What have i learnt about Wildlife Conservation?
I learnt that they do play a important role and they can affect the Vietnam’s reputations and so on.I also learnt that it is important to conserve the wildlife in Vietnam as it has a lot of wildlife, at the brink of extinction.

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