HCMC 2014

HCMC 2014

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Day 2: Can Gio Biosphere - Mangrove Forest Visit

Boat ride
More photos of Day 2 click here.

Reflection by Jonas&Yen Zhe

Jonas’s impression on Ho Chi Minh
It is a great city.I like the motorcycles there.The motorcycles are interesting and the food is very tasty.I think that it is a great city overall.
Yen Zhe’s impression on Ho Chi Minh
I initially thought that Ho Chi Minh is a developing city.However,the view from the airplane shows that Ho Chi Minh is actually a bustling city.Furthermore,the airport at Ho Chi Minh also is modern and that the food is delicious.
Jonas’s Can Gio Biosphere reflection
I think that the most challenging thing was to walk through the monkeys on the monkey island.I learnt that we should be courageous of things and not be timid about them.I was surprised about the monkeys jumping on us and thought that it was rather scary.I am still confused about the Vietnam War.
Yen Zhe’s Can Gio Biosphere reflection
I think that the most challenging thing was to walk through the wooden logs safely as we could fall and injure ourselves.I learnt that we have to face the tough challenges and be brave about them instead of just easily giving up on them.I was quite surprised that the monkeys were interested in us as I thought that they will not bother us.I am still not sure about how and why the Vietnam War happened.

Can Gio Biosphere Reflection( Thuta Soe)

1) What did I find most interesting or challenging
         I find that the history of the War was interesting yet complicating as there are a lot of events happening in a short period of time, and there were also many important figures. It was also interesting to see the bridges build when there was a war going on.
2) What have u learnt?
         There isn't a party that is the best, and even in the Communist Party there is the original version and the revised version, of which the economy is different in many ways.
3) What surprised me?
         The people that drive the motorboats are really talented at it, to steer it through tight turns. The monkeys are also very smart,smarter than expected.
4) What confused you?

I am confused about how they built all the paths and brought the monkeys into the place, and how they hide in their huts during the war.

Day2-Can Gio Biosphere Reflection by Lim Yi

1. What did I find most interesting or challenging?

I found climbing up and down the tower challenging as it was SKY HIGH!

2. What have I learnt from this visit?

I have learnt that you will never understand monkeys.

3. What surprised me? Why?

The fact that the monkeys take Arvin's spectacles.I was wondering what the monkey need the spectacles for? The answer I got is that the monkey want to eat it.

4. What am I still confused by?

I am not confused.

Can Gio Biosphere Reflection. (Arvin)

Arvin Kumar

1. What did I find most interesting and challenging?

It was very interesting to ride on the boat to observe the trees as we understood more about them and their purpose. It was very challenging to climb up the stairs as it was tiring and intimidating as we thought we might trip, fall and die. It was a great experience though.

2. What have I learned from this visit?

I learned to never underestimate the monkeys there as they can be very smart and aggressive. Even when I thought nothing bad would happen, a monkey jumped on my shoulder, grabbed my spectacles and jumped into the bushes. It happened in these few seconds. I learned to never underestimate anyone.

3. What surprised me? Why?

I was told that these monkeys were quite naughty and would get aggressive when they were looking for food. Honestly, there was nothing attractive about my glasses. Even then, these monkeys were fast, agile and incredibly smart. Stealing my glasses was a horrible thing to do as I was helpless and when i got it back, it was very sharp and they bit it. This surprised me.

4. What am I still confused about?

I was not confused as I could understand what the guide was talking about.

My reflections(CAN GIO)

Today we went to Can Gio biosphere and I found the way the monkeys roam around freely interesting as they trusted the monkeys and I have learnt that the war life was very hard for them.The fact that the monkeys and crocodiles where not separated by any nets so it was their choice for them to go to each others habitats. I am still confuse about how the vietnamese sevived the bombs drop and still have many ways to survive.
                                                                                                                     ~Gabriel Chenyi Massimini

Day #2 Reflection (Irfan)

The climb up the tower at Can Gio was mentally challenging as I had a slight fear of heights and the stairs kept swaying. What I found interesting was that time we fed the monkeys as they were very active and playful. I have learnt about the wildlife and the Vietnam War. The way the crocodiles had simply sat in the water in the farms. I was surprised that the boat that I was in, even though it was a smaller one and had left later, we quickly took over the lead and reached the destination first and the group i that boat had said that the boat broke down frequently, and this puzzled me.

Day 2 - Can Gio Biosphere (Keene)

The most interesting thing about the Can Gio Biosphere was that it was less developed than I would have thought it would have been, and I had expected it to be an actual biosphere. What I found most challenging was the trekking we did through the forest. What I had learnt from this visit is that monkeys like to steal people’s things. I was surprised that the biosphere was less developed and less os a proper secluded area. I was discombobulated at the fact that there was no proper walkways through the forest.


1) What did I find most interesting or challenging

I found the 3 legged monkey most interesting.

2) What have u learnt?

I have learnt more about the Vietnam flag and how they planed out their battle strtegies.

3) What surprised me?

The monkeys were living on the pavement. It was rare, to find a place that had a normal path yet there was enough mud and trees to make them feel as if they were in their natural habitat.

4) What confused you?

I am confused about how they built all the paths and brought the monkeys into the place.

Reflection(Can Gio reserve)

1.What was the most satisfying things today.
We went on the speed boat ride that was very fast with some hair raising moment where the boat was turning the boat it banked over the comfort zone. It sped through the mangrove roots and gave the hair raising experience.
2.What i found interesting or challenging?
We found the soldiers exhibition interesting as it showed a different perspective to the Vietnam war.We were also instructed how the soldiers survive in the tough conditions in the saltwater mangrove forest.For example they use rainwater catchment for water during the rain season and use desalination that produces 300L of water per 24 hrs in dry seasons.Thay survive on a kind of edible native animals and fish.
3) What surprised me?
The monkeys seemed to live together we peace and harmony and seem to exhibit friendly behaviour and they were bit selfish when they see food though.

Day 2 Reflection CAN GIO Biosphere (RaphaelMG)

1. What did I find most interesting or challenging?

I found climbing up and down the tower challenging as it was SKY HIGH!

2. What have I learnt from this visit?

I have learnt that the Vietnamese have really suffered from the war and the scars or war are very hard to forget. They are also self driven and are equipped with essential life skills.

3. What surprised me? Why?

The fact that the people hid in the houses made of wood planks surprised me as it could be very unstable but they I then realised that the mangrove pretty much camouflaged the whole place and they were also prepared with a BUNKER!

4. What am I still confused by?

I am very clear about everything in the CAN GIO Biosphere and I have had a very enriching experience today.

Day 2 Monkey see monkey do (joshua Chua)

Today, i was shocked by all of the monkeys at the Biosphere. The fact that they were still roaming freely and interacting as if in the wild really shocked me as i expected at least a little change in behaviour when we are around. i also saw the act of the alpha male and dominance. When i gave a peanut to a small monkey, a big monkey rushed in and snatched it. i learnt that the mangrove was a a home and habitat to thousands of creatures and the war destroyed it.I aws surprised that the boat broke down countless times

Second Day Reflection on HCMC

The one I found most interesting is the speedboat. I have learnt about the history of Vietnam. The sight of the monkeys getting scared at the sight of the catapult surprised me. I am still confused about how the monkeys were brought together to Can Gio Biosphere.

Reflection by Jasper

  I found that the can gio bioshpere was different from the research. There was many different new things that were different from the research. Although the can gio biosphere was different i had a fun time learning the new things in the can gio biosphere.

Tran Hoang Minh (21) S1-05 Reflection Day 2 (Can Gio Biosphere)

I find the boat trip very fun as it is very exhilarating. I learned that there was Viet Cong hiding in a island and plans to do attacks to the Americans and South Vietnamese. The tall tower  surprised me that I had to climb it. I am confused about the feeding the crocodiles and how they live properly.

Day 2# Can Gio biosphere(Sasank)

1)What did I find most interesting or challenging?
First we went to Can Gio Biosphere,where we went on a boat ride to the place.The boat ride was exciting and unforgettable.Next we got on a speedboat ride at Monkey island.The monkeys kept coming to us as I think we were new and also we when we fed they kept following us.:)
2) What have u learnt?
I learnt about the monkeys in Can Gio and this gave me an insight of their lives.This has taught me a lot on the monkeys.
3) What surprised me?
One of the monkeys had grabbed one guys spectacles and the guy fortunately found it at last.
4) What confused you?

Lawrence S Ting Memorial School

Lawrence S. Ting Memorial School
Dinh Thien Ly School, is a junior and senior high school located in district 7, the Phu My Hung New City Center, of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Lawrence S. Ting Memorial School was established in honor of Lawrence Ting, the founder of CT&D Group of Taiwan.
LSTS is a non-for-profit school for the Vietnamese.LSTS has 7 grades (4 grades for junior high school and 3 grades for senior high school). The first academic year was 2008. LSTS has a campus size of 2 hectares and is located right next to the Saigon South International School. In 2011, LSTS completed its second phase expansion with an addition of new buildings and facilities. Overall LSTS is designed for a student body of 1200 students. LSTS currently has an enrollment of over 800 students.In 2010, Microsoft Corporation has chosen LSTS as the first Microsoft Innovative School in Vietnam. Faculty members of LSTS participate in Microsoft's Innovative School Partnership training programs at various locations around the world. In a short span of time, LSTS has now become one of the top high schools in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Purpose of establishing this school
Dinh Truong Thien Ly junior and senior high (Lawrence S. Ting School) by the Phu My Hung Joint Venture construction investment. (A high school (also secondary school, senior school, secondary college) is a school that provides children with part or all of their secondary education. It may come after primary school or middle school and be followed by higher education or vocational training. Source:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_school)This is a model of educational attention, positive support from the Ministry of Education and Training, Department of Education and Training Ho Chi Minh City and the agencies involved.
School named after the late president of the Board of Directors CT & D Group and Joint Venture Phu My Hung - Dinh Thien Ly (English name is Lawrence S. Ting) - who was the President of the Socialist Republic Vietnam Nguyen Minh Triet signed the decision to posthumously awarded the Medal of Friendship 28/12/2007.
Dinh Thien Ly in 1989 to Vietnam and began the journey arduous but meaningful. With a range of visionary, extraordinary courage and exceptional bravery, he decided to invest on a large scale on a poor piece of barren land. He led a group of hard creating a change. After twenty years of effort, the impossible has become possible, the poor old fallow became an industrial, modern urban rich today.
Dinh Thien Ly is a foreign entrepreneur, investing in Viet Nam. But what he's done for Vietnam is indeed very impressive and admirable. During his life, he was always interested in education with the belief that talent is a valuable asset of a nation, care training resources will bring prosperity to the country.
After his death, his family and the company, Phu My Hung Joint Venture Fund was established to support the Lawrence S. Ting communities with the aim of contributing to sharing those unfortunate lives, the lives of poverty copper time to bring a positive contribution to the work of education reform in Vietnam prior to the integration and development.

Curriculum of the Vietnamese Ministry of Education issued towards streamlining the focus; particularly associated with international education programs; flexibility in content to improve the quality of training, integration with the world.

Namely clearance mastery goals, knowledge, methods, skills assessment testing, ... program in Vietnam from grade 6 to grade 12, conducted the study, compared with the program's some countries with advanced education such as the UK, Singapore, .... Teachers build their lesson plans on the basis that conveys basic knowledge section, the focus of the program in Vietnam; simultaneously integrate, complement and development programs abroad towards:
• Do not teach knowledge.
• Focus on fostering attitudes, emotions, learning methods department, practice your skills; acquainted with the work of scientific research, ...

Day 2# Can gio biosphere(Yugan)

Today I went to can gio biosphere and it was very fun and I learnt many new things but it was very tiring. I had to take short naps during the bus trips. I experienced many new things and learnt many new things. I also went to the monkey island and saw many monkeys and also fed them. I also was very close to the monkeys which cannot happen in Singapore. I hope that the rest of the trip is as fun and exhilarating as today.

1. What did I find most interesting or challenging?
I found that the monkeys were not scared when the humans were close to them, instead I was scared of the monkeys when they were close to me.
2. What have I learnt from this visit?
I have learnt that the Can Gio biosphere is very important as it houses many species of animals
3. What surprised me? Why?
I was surprised that there were bunkers in the biosphere
4. What am I still confused about?

Day1-My first Impression on Vietnam (Raphael Michael)

I think it is very lively from morning to night and the people live in different environment. So I think it is Unique in its own way.
My First impression of Ho Chi Minh City  Done By: Justin Goh
       When I arrived at Vietnam, what I saw was unlike my imagination. At first, I thought that Vietnam does not have a very high level of technology, However, I was surprise that there were many highly advance machines. Another Fact that surprise was that in Ho Chin Minh City, over half of it population has motorcycle, it mean that this city has at least 5 million motorcycle. Every time I look at the road, I see over half of the road filled with bicycle. After observing the city, there were many driver that following the rule of the traffic. This was very alarming and I will started to be more cautious of crossing the road.
     Finally, I wished that this trip would reach a safe end.

Day #1 Reflection (Irfan)

HCMC has surprised me in the number of bikes on the road and the crazy traffic. I had a great day and had fun. I had originally expected this city to look very undeveloped but it surprised me. It was actually developed more than I expected.